Soeharto the former Indonesian President died in his sleep Sunday at Pertamina Central Hospital in Jakarta. Soeharto was 87 years old. Soeharto known to sufferer of failure which was lung, kidney, and brain. His condition continue to deteriorate during taken care of almost 25 day since early January.

by Rusdi Mathari

SOEHARTO was New Order Indonesia commander power during more or less 30 year. In a period of its governance of Indonesia have time to experience of a period to economic feather in one’s cap with many woke up infrastructure, though some of its expense come debt or roof-gutter. On the other side, Soeharto was also considered to be power in charge of to the a number of human right collision.

Related to dying Soeharto, President SBY perform meeting closed and some minister which follow meeting do not be allowed to leave Istana Merdeka.